Lymphatic Facial Massage & Anti-Aging Exercises

I am currently on a kick about the lymphatic system. I read recently that “while the blood brings in the groceries, the lymph takes out the trash.” Unlike the bloodstream, the lymphatic system has no pump. It relies on the movement of our bodies (#1 way is walking) and manual drainage (lymphatic massage) for its proper functioning. If the work of the lymph nodes is insufficient, the filtering and transport of waste products becomes impaired and the body becomes more and more toxic. If the production of lymphocytes is insufficient, the body’s defense against invaders and against cancer and other immune disorders becomes impaired. So… I think it’s pretty important to keep this system in tip top shape!

Below is a 1-Minute Quick Massage to drain lymph from the area of the face. It’s very easy to do as you’re moisturizing your face. I’ve also included a video that’s definitely worked for me to reduce the bags and puffiness under my eyes.

1 Minute Lymphatic Facial Massage


Because I’m always trying to figure out ways to beat the clock (and defy death), I’m including these facial exercises to keep you looking youthful!

Other great things to keep wrinkles at bay: stay hydrated by drinking the appropriate amount of water for your weight; EXERCISE; reduce stress; add chia seeds and avocados to your diet; try a collagen supplement; eliminate sugar, alcohol, and processed foods; limit caffeine intake; practice self-abhyanga.