Could This Be the Reason Why the Mayan Calendar Ended in 2012?

So I FINALLY made it to Belize to see the Mayan ruins. (And many other things that were totally unBELIZEable!) One of the most interesting things? A discussion with one of our shuttle drivers about how he could no longer tell time by the sun. !!! He said that now, what used to be 12:30 pm according to the sun, was now actually 1:30 pm.

This remark reminded me of the earthquake in Japan in 2011 that changed the axis of the Earth, along with an earthquake in Chile in 2010, and one in Sumatra in 2004.

Could this be the ‘real reason’ why the Mayan calendar ended around 2012? Did they foresee that there would be a new way we’d have to calculate time as the Earth shifted in space?

The thought of that totally blows me away, but I could believe that they had advanced knowledge about the workings of our universe. FASCINATING!