My Colon Hydrotherapy Experience

I heard good things about the Ayurvedic practice of ‘basti‘, but couldn’t find any provider nearby so in June, I decided to give colon hydrotherapy a try. I was feeling kind of bloated and ‘off’ ever since the trip to Belize in February. So after I got back from Cancun (another trip where I made some bad food choices), I booked a session at a place here in Lancaster called A Therapeutic Effect. A Therapeutic Effect has a ton of great offerings (including chiropractic and massage) and I’m planning to try A LOT of things they have on the menu.

I told the therapist what my symptoms were and how I saw several family members die a horrible death because of blockages in their colon that led to “dead bowel”. And she told me how important it is to keep your insides clean. No joke!

My therapist was very friendly and made me feel comfortable with this brand new experience. I have to say, the process did make me feel a little nauseous sometimes. And it was definitely weird seeing the poop and seeds and gas floating out of me. But better in than out I guess.

All in all, I would highly recommend A Therapeutic Effect. I would also recommend trying this procedure at least once in your life to see the difference it can make. I definitely felt lighter and less bloated afterwards and will be going back again in the near future.