Past Lives & Cellular Memory

I’ve been sleeping on a mat in the barn the last couple of nights and, physically, I am feeling better than I have in months. It reminds me of dreams and visions of other lives I lived here on this planet. Does my body remember how ‘things used to be’ and crave those days of austerities: living simply, not eating much, etc.? And when I don’t live this way, I literally become sick from too much food, too much comfort, too much sitting, too much sleep. JUST.TOO.MUCH. It seems I may not be alone in this either. 1

. . .

Flashback to February 2010

One night during the yoga teacher training course in the Bahamas, I had a very vivid dream where I recalled a number of lives I previously lived on this planet. I was also shown the purpose of a few significant relationships I had up until that point, including the contracts we had signed before incarnating this time around. Contracts that were meant to cause growth through emotional pain. 2 It was incredibly eye-opening.

The lifetime that seemed most significant at that point was the one I lived as a traveling yogi somewhere in the deserts of the Middle East. In this vision, I saw myself as part of a small band of gypsies, traveling around with our lives on our backs. Even though we didn’t have much, there was a sense of being surrounded by so much love and joy. Nights were spent singing and dancing around the fire. Days were spent making our way from one camp to the next. And just feeling at one with Life. We were spreading the philosophies of Love, Union, and Yoga. Philosophies that were embraced by some; but many times, we weren’t welcome and sometimes we were hunted and our camp was raided.

In this past life (and another one that came up in Mexico), the feeling of safety – outside of a group – was sorely lacking. I was shown how the emotional karma of trauma became ingrained in me, carried in my cellular memory from lifetime to lifetime, priming me for the experience of trauma in resultant lives. 3, 4

Recently, I have also come to see the threads of trauma and abuse that are woven through my current family, changing the course of our destinies for generations. 5

As I write this, I am having some a-ha moments that require some further journaling and reflection. So I will end by saying that I hope to finally break this karmic cycle in this lifetime.

  4. Yoga explains that strong emotions and repetitive thought patterns can be carried with us from one incarnation to the next. This is why meditation is emphasized because, at the most basic understanding of its benefits, meditation can free us of the attachments (and the ensuing bondage) to these thoughts and emotions.