Being Forced into A New Paradigm

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One of my friends posted this today on Instagram. I really love it. For so long I’ve wondered why humans behave the way they do, preaching one thing while doing another. And why it always takes a cataclysmic event for us to get a clue and work in harmony together with the Earth.

And so here we are: COVID-19. Forcing us to work together to ‘save the economy’ and implement ‘social distancing’ simultaneously.

I felt the desperation and anxiety over not having our basic needs met when I was out over the weekend, triggering a bit of my own. And as days pass, I see via social media that ‘social distancing’ is not going well for many. I find it to be another interesting phenomenon, another kind of ‘mental pandemic’, a constant need to be distracted and the fear of not having enough.

As a self-proclaimed loner who much prefers my own company – and that of my pets – I thought I’d dive a little bit deeper into this topic and maybe help someone along the way.

  1. As an artist, avid reader, nature-lover and meditator, I often fall back on these practices. I enjoy them; I always have. Even the simple act of coloring can help calm my nerves and pass more time than I’d like to admit! Hobbies are a great thing to have. What brought you joy as a kid? Start there.

    This article has some other useful coping strategies:

  2. I also find that having a deep connection to something greater than myself is useful beyond compare. If I’m only living for what’s in front of me physically, then when it’s not there, that lack or absence can create quite a tailspin. If I know in my heart that there’s more to this life than just physical reality, I am ALWAYS ok.

    That’s where a consistent meditation practice comes in. (or prayer) Here’s a nice article on how to begin:

    There are so many styles of meditation. Try out many till you find one that works for you!