Riboflavin to Help MTHFR

Over the last few years, I’ve been struggling with high blood pressure. I’m not overweight, I don’t eat a terrible diet, and I practice yoga and meditation. So what gives?

I refused medication for a couple of years, since I believed high blood pressure is merely a symptom of a deeper issue. But since the doctors were unable to find a good reason why my blood pressure was elevated, I finally gave in to medication in the fall of 2019. What a mistake! So many side effects! I weaned myself off in early 2020.

So this year, I decided to dig a little deeper into my genetic predisposition to have high blood pressure. Using the information I gathered from my Nutrahacker DNA Report, I started looking into the recommendation to use ‘riboflavin for high blood pressure’. Seemed easy enough, so I got some.

Apparently, riboflavin can help optimize the methylation cycle in those with the MTHFR variant (like myself). Once the enzymatic activity is restored, homocysteine can be properly recycled, lowering the damaging effects of homocysteine – including high blood pressure.

(Look for more details about my entire ‘blood pressure lowering protocol’ in another post.)