Saturday, February 17, 2018 • 4 – 6 pm • $20 suggested donation
Drager Farms, 1558 Old River Road, Marietta PA 17547


During this workshop we will go beyond the asanas into the “higher limbs” of yoga to consciously raise our awareness and vibrations as individuals so that we can create change in the collective whole.

It seems like as we move into 2018, anxiety, fear, and depression are becoming more prevalent. More people are struggling to just ‘get by’ and our human right to feel safe and secure seems constantly threatened. Toxins are everywhere. Drug use is becoming rampant as we try to self-medicate these unnatural states of being.

As I look around and see what’s happening at this point in time, I feel called to help more than ever. NOW is the time to remember who you really are – not what society, the media, your family, or the ego tells you – time to remember your greatness as a Divine Co-creator and let it shine out into the world.

I believe that if more people “wake up” and gain some level of enlightenment about the truth of reality, those people can help to change the world for the better.


The techniques that I will teach you during this intensive are some of the most powerful I’ve tried over the last 15 years of my practice. With regular practice, these methods can elevate your consciousness, raise your vibration, help to regulate your internal systems, clear your energy field, and keep you strong and in good health.

  • Advanced breathwork with bandhas to lock in energy for renewal when you need it
  • Self-inquiry
  • Pratipaksha bhavanam
  • Trauma releasing exercises
  • Meditations to focus the mind
  • Mantra (sacred chanting)
  • How to scan and clear your energy field
  • Psychic sleep
  • Tips to maintain overall health

It is strongly recommended to NOT EAT for at least 2 hours before the workshop. Maintaining a clean diet – free from alcohol and animal products – for at least 24 hours before the workshop is highly recommended. This allows the subtle energies of the body and mind to operate more freely.

This workshop is for all levels, with special benefit for yoga teachers and experienced practitioners.


Please bring a water bottle, yoga mat and any other props you may need (meditation cushion, blanket, etc.) to remain comfortable during the workshop.